We develop controllable light sources and plant growing farms to optimise ingredients of medicinal plants for the benefit of human health and ecological sustainability.

About Smart Greenery

Innovative cultivation technologies and science-based quality management offer new solutions in the fields of indoor growing systems and alternative health care.

  • The Beginnings

    In 2015 we started research, development and production of special LED panels for individually adaptable heavy-duty use in vertical farming. In 2018 Smart Greenery GmbH was founded.

  • Research & Development

    Smart Greenery stands for research, development and production of controllable LED light sources and sustainable vertical plant growing farms made in Austria.

  • Vertical Farming Concepts

    Research, development and implementation – as a turn-key installation – of our fully scalable vertical farming concepts.

  • Sustainability

    Think about tomorrow today. This is our guiding principle. So we consistently develop and improve our sustainable vertical farming solutions.


Specific light spectrum

Our LED panels are specifically developed for plant production offering a fully controllable light spectrum for optimisation of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Water cooling – low temperature

Longer life span and energy recovery – controlled heat management throughout all levels of the farm.

Controllable light

The individually needed light spectrum of each plant is controlled by specific applications to optimise active ingredients, quality and quantity.

Ultra-flat construction

Homogenous plant growth due to laminar panel construction, optimised for the use in vertical farming.

USP of Smart Greenery LED Panels made in Austria

  • Uniform light, essential for homogenous plant growth, due to laminar panel construction
  • Optimised spectral composition for plant production by unique combination of innovative LEDs
  • Developed and optimised for industrial plant production
  • Controlled heat management and water-cooling systems throughout all levels of the farm
  • Higher efficiency, higher maximum power per LED panel
  • Tailor-made panel layout for vertical farming: more space for plant production
  • Controllable light intensity and light spectrum by pre-sets


Turn-key installation

Engineering and set-up of individually sized farms including consulting, service and maintenance.

Data generating and analysis

Smart Greenery database system: tagging and storing essential information concerning the different plants of the farm.

Fully automated farming system made in Austria

Hard- and software developed and produced by Smart Greenery.

USP of Smart Greenery farms made in Austria

  • Fully scalable vertical farming concepts
  • Turn-key installation
  • Hard- and software developed and produced by Smart Greenery
  • Optimised production costs, industrial standards
  • Controllable farms
  • Knowledge database
  • Research and development
  • Consulting
  • Service and maintenance


A selection of our plants:

Bacopa monnieri
Centella asiatica
(Gotu Kola)
Cannabis sst. spontanea
(CBD Hemp)
Murdannia loriformis
(Peking Grass)


März 2022:

Start of the cooperation of Smart Greenery with the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES): Turn-key installation of a Smart Greenery Vertical Cannabis Farm for the production of medicines


October 2020:

Start of the cooperation of Smart Greenery with the University of Vienna, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in the field of cultivation and maximisation of medically active herbal substances of selected antiviral medicinal plants for COVID-19 therapies


March 2020:

ORF Report about Smart Greenery and Sveta for the TV Programmes ”Konkret“ and ”Heimat, fremde Heimat“, broadcast on 29 March 2020

Online Blog: Sveta provides an interesting insight into Smart Greenery’s vertical farming concept after visiting our farm.


March 2019:

Promotion of a Smart Greenery project by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Project Title: Vertical Farming – Growth parameter-controlled system for maximising medicinal substances

Project Period: 29 March 2019 until 21 December 2020




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2392 Sulz im Wienerwald

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Phone: +43 2239 272160
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